Admission & Admission Process




As a 21st century school, we are proud to provide the highest possible standard of education to our pupils, enabling them to compete in an increasingly competitive global environment.

The need for us to maintain this standard demands not just that teaching methods are appropriate to the needs of our pupils but that those pupils, in turn, are able to demonstrate that they have the potential or ability to achieve the levels we require. We offer equal opportunity for admission, which is not be based on ethnic, religious or social grounds.

As many pupils transfer from various curricula, prospective elementary pupils are required to take an entrance examination for placement purpose. We also conduct an informal interview with the pupil which forms part of the overall assessment. Parent interview is conducted to align expectations

Admission Process

Admission Process
  1. Obtain an application form.
  2. Submit completed application form with the following documents: Photocopy of original birth certificate and Two (2) recent passport photographs.
  3. Take the assessment test.
  4. A brief interview is conducted by the Head of School with the candidate and parents must be in attendance as part of our initial assessment process.
  5. An offer of provisional admission is made to a successful candidate pending the payment of the acceptance fees.
  6. The acceptance fees has to be paid by the date indicated on the admission/offer letter in order to secure or guarantee a place at County Crest School.
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