About Us

Where It All Started.

The journey began in January 2011 with creche services. We commenced our first preschool session in September of the same year and today, we have grown from Crèche to Secondary School.

County Crest School, CCS, is a 21st Century School where God helps us to make learning fun and natural. At CCS, we say learning is fun and natural because our curriculum is packaged to make learning interesting and enjoyable for every child. Also every child is allowed to learn at his or her own pace.

This eliminates unhealthy competition and ensures that the innate potential of every child is unraveled, nurtured and fully developed. At County Crest School, we offer Montessori education, which is all about education for life. The Montessori education is based on liberating the child by encouraging him to reveal himself. We know that children like to both work and play. Our comprehensive program allows your child to do both.

Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

   Our Vision

Godly foundation for sound educational and moral discipline is laid in every child.

Safety of every child and staff is a priority.

Every child is trained and taught to imbibe “above & beyond” culture of excellence.

Our Mission

In every child, we are laying a solid foundation for sound education and moral discipline and building the strength of character needed to dominate in every facet of life.

We are achieving these through The County Crest Style.


Our Core Values

Service – Customer-focused Service

Trust – Building lasting relationships

Yield – A life yielded to God’s leading

Love – passionate care, love and interest in every child’s all-round development

·Excellence – a lifestyle of continuous improvement driven by our “above & beyond” culture of excellence.

County Crest School